With a few clicks, you can craft a professional and polished message that will impress your recipients.

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Master English Communication in 4 Simple Steps
Install 'mericanize slack plugin
To get started with 'mericanize, install the plugin on your Slack account. This can be done easily by following a few simple steps. Once installed, you'll have access to the AI-powered language coaching that 'mericanize provides.
Use /mericanize command
To use 'mericanize, type the command /mericanize in your Slack chat followed by the text. The plugin will mericanize your sentence and will provide two options.
Choose one of two options
All you need to do is choose the best option for your message, copy and paste it into the Slack chat, and hit send. It's that simple! Whether you need to send a message to a colleague, client, or partner, 'mericanize makes it easy to communicate effectively in English.
Speak confidently and fluently
As you use 'mericanize, you'll notice a significant improvement in your English language skills. The AI-powered coaching provides correction, allowing you to improve your grammar, vocabulary, conversation and sound like a native, allowing you to communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, and partners.
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